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laevandus/ViewController.swift Secret

Last active Dec 14, 2020
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private extension HyperlinkLabel {
static func banner(withAlignment alignment: NSTextAlignment, customStyling: Bool, tapHandler: @escaping (URL) -> Void) -> HyperlinkLabel {
let attributedString = NSMutableAttributedString(string: "Check this webpage: %0$@. Link to %1$@ on the App Store. Finally link to %2$@.")
let replacements = [("Augmented Code", URL(string: "")!),
("SignalPath", URL(string: "")!),
("GitHub", URL(string: "")!)]
replacements.enumerated().forEach { index, value in
let linkAttribute: NSAttributedString.Key = customStyling ? .hyperlink : .link
let attributes: [NSAttributedString.Key: Any] = [
linkAttribute: value.1
let urlAttributedString = NSAttributedString(string: value.0, attributes: attributes)
let range = (attributedString.string as NSString).range(of: "%\(index)$@")
attributedString.replaceCharacters(in: range, with: urlAttributedString)
let paragraphStyle = NSMutableParagraphStyle()
paragraphStyle.alignment = alignment
attributedString.addAttribute(.paragraphStyle, value: paragraphStyle, range: NSRange(location: 0, length: attributedString.length))
let label = HyperlinkLabel()
label.attributedText = attributedString
label.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false
label.didTapOnURL = tapHandler
return label
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