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Last active October 7, 2019 01:07
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let text = "The quick <color_1> <animal_1> jumps over the lazy <animal_2>"
let replacementMap = ["<animal_1>": "fox", "<animal_2>": "dog", "<color_1>": "brown"]
extension String {
func replacingOccurrences(matchingPattern pattern: String, replacementProvider: (String) -> String?) -> String {
let expression = try! NSRegularExpression(pattern: pattern, options: [])
let matches = expression.matches(in: self, options: [], range: NSRange(startIndex..<endIndex, in: self))
return matches.reversed().reduce(into: self) { (current, result) in
let range = Range(result.range, in: current)!
let token = String(current[range])
guard let replacement = replacementProvider(token) else { return }
current.replaceSubrange(range, with: replacement)
let finalString1 = text.replacingOccurrences(matchingPattern: "<[:alpha:]+_{1}[:digit:]+>", replacementProvider: { replacementMap[$0] })
let finalString2 = text.replacingOccurrences(matchingPattern: "<[:alpha:]+_{1}[:digit:]+>", replacementProvider: { _ in "REPLACEMENT" })
print(finalString1) // The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
print(finalString2) // The quick REPLACEMENT REPLACEMENT jumps over the lazy REPLACEMENT
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