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private var cancellables = [AnyCancellable]()
let cancellable = NotificationCenter.default.publisher(for: .NSManagedObjectContextObjectsDidChange, object: managedObjectContext)
.compactMap({ ManagedObjectContextChanges<ColorItem>(notification: $0) }).sink { (changes) in
struct ManagedObjectContextChanges<T: NSManagedObject> {
let inserted: Set<T>
let deleted: Set<T>
let updated: Set<T>
init?(notification: Notification) {
let unpack: (String) -> Set<T> = { key in
let managedObjects = (notification.userInfo?[key] as? Set<NSManagedObject>) ?? []
return Set(managedObjects.compactMap({ $0 as? T }))
deleted = unpack(NSDeletedObjectsKey)
inserted = unpack(NSInsertedObjectsKey)
updated = unpack(NSUpdatedObjectsKey).union(unpack(NSRefreshedObjectsKey))
if deleted.isEmpty, inserted.isEmpty, updated.isEmpty {
return nil
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