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Created November 27, 2022 03:59
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@available(macOS 13.0.0, *)
struct CodeGenerator {
static func main() async throws {
// Use swift-argument-parser or just CommandLine, here we just imply that 2 paths are passed in: input and output
guard CommandLine.arguments.count == 3 else {
throw CodeGeneratorError.invalidArguments
// arguments[0] is the path to this command line tool
let input = URL(filePath: CommandLine.arguments[1])
let output = URL(filePath: CommandLine.arguments[2])
let jsonData = try Data(contentsOf: input)
let enumFormat = try JSONDecoder().decode(JSONFormat.self, from: jsonData)
let code = """
enum \( CaseIterable {
\t\({ "case \($0)" }).joined(separator: "\n\t"))
guard let data = .utf8) else {
throw CodeGeneratorError.invalidData
try data.write(to: output, options: .atomic)
struct JSONFormat: Decodable {
let name: String
let cases: [String]
@available(macOS 13.00.0, *)
enum CodeGeneratorError: Error {
case invalidArguments
case invalidData
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