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Created Jun 9, 2019
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import CryptoKit
let sourceData = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".data(using: .utf8)!
let sha512Digest = SHA512.hash(data: sourceData)
print(sha512Digest) // 07e547d9586f6a73f73fbac0435ed76951218fb7d0c8d788a309d785436bbb642e93a252a954f23912547d1e8a3b5ed6e1bfd7097821233fa0538f3db854fee6
let sha384Digest = SHA384.hash(data: sourceData)
print(sha384Digest) // ca737f1014a48f4c0b6dd43cb177b0afd9e5169367544c494011e3317dbf9a509cb1e5dc1e85a941bbee3d7f2afbc9b1
let sha256Digest = SHA256.hash(data: sourceData)
print(sha256Digest) // d7a8fbb307d7809469ca9abcb0082e4f8d5651e46d3cdb762d02d0bf37c9e592
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