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Last active October 2, 2022 00:33
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@Published var state1 = "0"
@Published var state2 = "a"
func mergeExample() {
$state1.merge(with: $state2)
.sink { value in
print("sink", value)
.store(in: &cancellables)
print("will change state1 to 1")
state1 = "1"
print("will change state1 to 2")
state1 = "2"
print("will change state2 to b")
state2 = "b"
print("will change state1 to 3")
state1 = "3"
print("will change state2 to c")
state2 = "c"
/* output:
sink: 0
sink: a
will change state1 to 1
sink: 1
will change state1 to
sink: 2
will change state2 to b
sink: b
will change state1 to 3
sink: 3
will change state2 to c
sink: c
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