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Last active Aug 29, 2015

What would you like to do?

Wish list:

  • Round-robin load balancing
  • Failure detection
  • Results caching [LRU or/and Browser cache]
  • Webhooks, Notify subscribers when a certain event happens.
  • Plugins system, which will allow developers to add custom logic for their apps. Like sending results over statsd.
  • Websockets support for test progress
  • Dashboard to see what's happening in the cluster right now.

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pmeenan commented Oct 22, 2014

Some thoughts to better support load-balancing in WPT itself and make a proxy more useful:

  • Each server has a unique ID that becomes part of the test ID (proxy can use the ID to determine which back-end server is authoritative for the given test)
  • Servers can proxy results from other servers based on the unique ID if a request ends up on them by accident (or know how to get the result from an archive)
  • Test agents round-robin a list of servers and send results back to the server they got work from (this solves the test locking problem where individual tests need to be locked as results come in and are processed)
    • May need a way to tell the agent which server is authoritative is a shared work queue is used
  • Store full job in beanstalkd instead of pointer to work item
  • Support more resilient/fault-tolerant job queuing mechanism
  • Support for MySQL for test history
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