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notanimposter / drawlib.cs
Last active Oct 26, 2020
Drawing library for SE v2.4
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public class SEFix {
public static T[] arr<T>(params T[] arg) {
return arg; //becuse SE is stupid
public class ColorUtils {
private static double oo64 = 1.0/64.0;
private static double[][] map = new double[][] {
new double[] { 0*oo64, 48*oo64, 12*oo64, 60*oo64, 3*oo64, 51*oo64, 15*oo64, 63*oo64},
new double[] {32*oo64, 16*oo64, 44*oo64, 28*oo64, 35*oo64, 19*oo64, 47*oo64, 31*oo64},