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Laim / modifiers.txt
Last active August 14, 2023 22:53
I Am Future - Player Modifiers
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%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Mandragora\I Am Future\SaveData
-- Go for the NEWEST save, as there is an auto save system. Make sure you're in the main menu or not in-game at all, if you're on the Roof then the changes won't take affect.
Open the json file in a file editor (vscode, notepad++, notepad (not the best for it, massive file))
Ctrl+f, replace the value with the value you want.
Laim / powershell_messaging_system.ps1
Created March 24, 2022 21:32
Script that allows sending a pre-defined message to Discord or Telegram. Useful for Handbrake when conversions are completed.
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Sends a message to an external provider such as Discord or Telegram
Script that allows sending a pre-defined message to Discord or Telegram. Useful for Handbrake when conversions are completed.
.PARAMETER messageSystem
Which message system you want to use, Discord or Telegram.
Laim / org_rules.sql
Created March 14, 2022 15:01
Get organisation and autoconnect rules in Snow License Manager
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Author: Laim McKenzie
Date: 14-03-2022
Laim / handbrakePresets.json
Last active February 11, 2022 18:31
Handbrake presets that I use for file size management and plex quality
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"PresetList": [
"ChildrenArray": [
"AlignAVStart": true,
"AudioCopyMask": [
"AudioEncoderFallback": "av_aac",
View SSLlabs-powershellscan.ps1
Version : 1.0
Author : Laim McKenzie
Creation Date : 17.05.2021
Purpose : Automation of SSLLabs SSLtests.
Credits : Modified version of script by /u/tramperdk
Laim / lmu_del_sql_jobs.sql
Last active November 15, 2021 17:47
Delete all SQL Jobs that are assigned to LicenseManagerUser
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Author: Laim McKenzie
Version: 1.0
Modified version of
Laim / CopyLogFiles.ps1
Last active July 29, 2021 13:53
Copy Log files from Source Directory to Destination Directory via PowerShell
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# > Author: Laim McKenzie
# > Date: 29-07-2021
# > Description: This script can be ran under a Scheduled Task and collect log files from the Source Directory and copy to the Destination Directory
# > Pre-requisites:
# > 1. You need to ensure the Source Directory exists
# > 2. You need to ensure the Desitnation Directory exists
# > 3. The account running the scheduled task (if ran under one) needs to have access to both directories
# > Copyright (c) 2021 Laim McKenzie
Laim / hide_unassigned.sql
Last active June 4, 2021 15:32
Mass hide Unassigned Software in Snow License Manager to prevent SMACC lag
View hide_unassigned.sql
Author: Laim McKenzie
Version: 1.0
You can view the Hidden Software count using this script
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblSoftware WHERE IsHidden = 1
View snow_stuff.sql
-- Custom Fields
SELECT C.Name, COUNT(CF.CID) AS [CustomFieldCount] FROM SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblCustomField CF
INNER JOIN SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblCID C ON CF.CID = C.CID
-- Custom Compare Values
SELECT C.Name, COUNT(CCV.CID) AS [CCVCount] FROM SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblCustomCompareValues CCV
INNER JOIN SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblCID C ON CCV.CID = C.CID
Laim / versions.ps1
Last active May 7, 2021 17:52
PowerShell, .NET and SQL Instance Versions in PowerShell
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# START : Get SQL Instance Version #
cls # prevents the script itself from echoing out into ISE
$inst = (get-itemproperty 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server').InstalledInstances # Gets the installed SQL instances
$sqlInstanceCount = 0; # loop for the foreach
foreach ($i in $inst)