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Created June 28, 2012 17:17
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JavaScript animated GIF detection!
function isAnimatedGif(src, cb) {
var request = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', src, true);
request.responseType = 'arraybuffer';
request.addEventListener('load', function () {
var arr = new Uint8Array(request.response),
i, len, length = arr.length, frames = 0;
// make sure it's a gif (GIF8)
if (arr[0] !== 0x47 || arr[1] !== 0x49 ||
arr[2] !== 0x46 || arr[3] !== 0x38)
//ported from php
//an animated gif contains multiple "frames", with each frame having a
//header made up of:
// * a static 4-byte sequence (\x00\x21\xF9\x04)
// * 4 variable bytes
// * a static 2-byte sequence (\x00\x2C) (some variants may use \x00\x21 ?)
// We read through the file til we reach the end of the file, or we've found
// at least 2 frame headers
for (i=0, len = length - 9; i < len, frames < 2; ++i) {
if (arr[i] === 0x00 && arr[i+1] === 0x21 &&
arr[i+2] === 0xF9 && arr[i+3] === 0x04 &&
arr[i+8] === 0x00 &&
(arr[i+9] === 0x2C || arr[i+9] === 0x21))
// if frame count > 1, it's animated
cb(frames > 1);
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atk commented Jun 29, 2012

Smaller solution (inside xhr callback):

var img = request.response;
if (!/^GIF8[79]a/) { cb(false); } else {
var frames = 0;
img.replace(/\x00\x21\xF9\x04\x00[\x2c\x21]/g, function(){ frames++ });

In addition, this only works if the domain origin of the image is the same as the page you are loading the script from.

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sathio commented Jul 12, 2013

looks like it's never satisfying the for conditions if the GIF is not animated.
can't understand why

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It is because multiple comma-separated conditions in a for loop like this

for (i=0, len = length - 9; i < len, frames < 2; ++i)

will evaluate both checks, but use only the last one for determining whether to run the loop again. So unless more than one frame is found, i will just grow and frames < 2 never satisfy.

In this case, better to use || (or have an inner loop)

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Implemented @olapeter's suggestion here, only using && since the logic is inverted between the comment and the if statement.

Also updated to support variable length extension control blocks.

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N.B. the img.replace(/\x00\x21\xF9\x04\x00[\x2c\x21]/g solution suffers the same problem as the original code here -- if the ECB isn't 4 bytes this regex won't find the frame (see the wikipedia article examples).

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great rubust solution from @marckubischta ! thanks for that.
anyone able to come up with detecting animation for webp image format?

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