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lakmeer / gist:3c329d193eeef8f4de3e
Last active August 29, 2015 14:14
la vidni zei irci
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la vidni zei irci


The goal is to allow easy, instant video and audio chat to augment the existing community chat in the IRC chatroom. The experience should be organic, that is to say that the media chat feature should serve to enable spontaneous elevation of the existing conversation into an audiovisual layer of communication and back, seamlessly.

lakmeer / gist:95e87742226c34bf2533
Created January 30, 2015 03:55
Deploy git repo contents when pushed based on pushed branch
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# POST-RECEIVE HOOK (copy to repo.git/hooks/post-receive)
# Deploy content of this repo to different working dirs
# based on the branch being pushed. Pushing to 'staging'
# checks out your contents to the path at $staging_path,
# and similar for the branch 'live' to $production_path.
# When copying this hook, modify the following variables