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# create a RDD of the text file with Number of Partitions = 4
my_text_file = sc.textFile('tokens_spark.txt',minPartitions=4)
# RDD Object
# convert to lower case
my_text_file = x : x.lower())
# Updated RDD Object
# Get the RDD Lineage

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@mikekenneth mikekenneth commented Feb 11, 2021

Really Nice. Please what is the content of your 'tokens_spark.txt' file?
Thanks in advance.

I used the below to create a file just for those who may need it:

with open('spark_tokens.txt', 'w') as outfile:
    words = ['Python', 'Java', 'Scala', 'Others', 'Spark', 'APACHE', 'Cool', 'udpate', 'Good_to_GO']
    for i in range(100000): outfile.write(words[randint(0, len(words)-1)] + '\n')
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