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║ Lambda-Proxy ║ Lambda ║
║ This is a simple, but powerful integration. All the ║ This is complex, but offers more control over transmission ║
║ request to the APIGateway URL is forwarded ║ data. The request can be modified before it is ║
║ straight to the Lambda and the response is sent ║ sent to lambda and the response can be modified ║
║ from Lambda. i.e No modifications to the ║ after it is sent from lambda. This can be done by ║
║ request(query params, body, variables) and ║ mapping templates which transforms the payload, as per ║
║ response(status code, message) are done ║ the user customisations. API Gateway uses Velocity ║
║ by the APIGateway. ║ Template Language (VTL) engine to process body ║
║ ║ mapping templates for the integration request ║
║ ║ and integration response. ║
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