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Cody at Work in 2017

Cody at Work in 2017

Blog posts

Work (based on Tracker stories)


  • iOS - bugfixes. 3.5.0?
  • Android - bugfixes. performance improvements


  • iOS - Start PNS work for mobile, look into improving error reporting for mobile
  • Android - Start PNS work, localizations, app banner on web, pull requests on OSS projects



  • iOS - push notifications. Start work on Heidmobug
  • Android - not much, but localization


  • iOS - better documentation in repo readmes
  • Android - Drag drop, better documentation in repo readmes


  • iOS - Learn a ton about iOS security, write blog post, fix Heidmobug, move to better dependency management system (Carthage), write blog post about fixing an issue with the old dependency management system that caused switch to Carthage, start work on large tech debt
  • Android - A little bit of drag and drop
  • Blog Post: iOS Security Notes -


  • Growth - Blockers
  • iOS - Not much
  • Android - Not much


  • Growth - Blockers
  • iOS - Not much
  • Android - Not much


  • iOS - Blockers
  • Android - Not much
  • Started conversation about team wants and needs
  • Started thing of the week


  • iOS - Blockers

  • Android - Not much

  • Continued Thing of the Week

  • Continued conversation about team wants and needs


  • iOS - Not much

  • Android - Not much

  • Story Mgmt - Github Integrations Education Box

  • Continued Thing of the Week

  • Wrote blog post about thing of the week


  • Experiments
  • Continued Thing of the Week

Feedback I've Received

Sasha 1/5

I was really impressed with Cody's focus on exploring edge cases today while we were pairing. I felt like we went above & beyond the usual exploratory testing that's been the standard on face-level simple features, and were able to make more beneficial changes as a result.

Vera 4/11

Sometimes it's easy to get carried away figuring out the solution, when what we should be doing is thinking about the right test. We all do it. The other day when Cody and I were pairing I noticed that he steered us towards thinking test-first instead of continuing to dig a hole, albeit a small one. I think it's because he takes the time to understand the problem before jumping to solutions, which is another trait I appreciate. :thumb up:

Mark 5/30

Pairing with Cody has been a great experience. Each time he has suggested whiteboarding it has helped us reason through some challenging problems.

Maor 8/3

Cody is great to pair with - he knows his stuff, and is not afraid to figure things out when needed. He's showing an affinity and interest in improving the codebase and is constantly thinking about refactoring opportunities.

I love pairing with him, just wish we'd had more time together! Personality-wise he's easy to work with, easy to get along with, and is a great lead in pairing - always making sure I am following along and explaining his thought process throughout.

Glenn O 9/22

I appreciate Cody speaking up at meetings, volunteering to organize events, and coming up with tools that help the Tracker team. It shows that Cody cares about where he works and is willing to put in effort to make things better; those are the kind of people I want to work with.

Lisa C 9/22

I appreciate how Cody steps up to delve into problems and experiment with solutions. The latest example was his idea after the team D&I workshop to give us quick reminders of one thing we can do to be more inclusive - stop saying "you guys". He does these things in a fun way that makes my day go better. When the growth pod struggled with iOS, Cody asked questions and I felt like he drew attention to the issues and helped motivate some changes to make improvements. He documented the iOS architecture, which, although I don't understand it 100%, is still helpful to me from a testing perspective. Cody is a leader on our team, I really appreciate his kindness and that he doesn't just talk about things, he takes action.

Piper 9/27

I really appreciate the way Cody has spearheaded the Thing of the Week on our team. He has made supporting diversity more fun for our team and also made us better at it.

Plus, it's rare and powerful for a team member who doesn't identify as a minority (as far as I know? Sorry if that's not true!) to take such a visible role in diversity and inclusion efforts. I think that seeing Cody encourage people to be inclusive will encourage other people to do it, too.

Thanks, Cody!

Lisa C 10/2

Thanks so much, Cody, for stepping us and leading us forward to address issues that have come up in all hands and facilitate sessions where we can talk about them. Really great ideas coming out. It takes a lot of courage to do something where all eyes are on you and it's not even clear what to do. I appreciate your leadership and facilitating abilities. I feel like we are going to be able to take real action, do experiments to chip away at our problems. The product and all of us will be better for it.

Chad Wag 11/13

Sorry this feedback isn't as timely as it should be. Thanks again for "thing of the week." I've learned that many unconscious behaviors and actions I've taken can be marginalizing, and it's good to have broader awareness of the things I say and do. I hope it is something we can all continue.

Successes & Failures


  • I've written a lot of blog posts. I learned that I really like writing!
  • Thing of the Week has been a great success. I continue to receive feedback that the team enjoys it and finds it useful
  • I've learned a ton in Dec/Jan about good code practices. From the SOLID course on Pluralsight to the Clean Code book club
  • I really enjoy the Android ecosystem
  • Facilitating the pre-gamera talks seemed like it was integral to moving the team forward
  • My pairs think I do well at understanding a problem/whiteboarding/exploring before building, then making sure we stay on task as we work


  • iOS blockers
    • I'm still disappointed in how blockers on iOS went. Specifically, there was a technical choice that I believe led us down a wrong path. There were many opportunities to stop, rebuild the area around the feature completely, and still be done in less than six months (how long it took to release blockers on iOS with limited functionality)
    • There's no saying that making different technical decisions would have led to a different outcome, however. Who knows what challenges we could have run into if we took another path. More than likely we'd run into significant challenges regardless of the direction we took, given the state of the iOS app.
    • The main learning from this is that there's no right way to go about something like this (a codebase that's hard to work on with few easy wins), and hindsight is 20/20.
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