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Django: Strip/Remove HTML tags (django utils)
# To strip/remove HTML tags from an existing string we can use the strip_tags function.
# import the strip_tags
from django.utils.html import strip_tags
# simple string with html inside.
html = '<p>paragraph</p>'
print html # will produce: <p>paragraph</p>
stripped = strip_tags(html)
print stripped # will produce: paragraph
# This is also available as a template tag:
{{ somevalue|striptags }}
# If you want to remove only specific tags you need to use the removetags
from django.template.defaultfilters import removetags
html = '<strong>Bold...</strong><p>paragraph....</p>'
stripped = removetags(html, 'strong') # removes the strong only.
stripped2 = removetags(html, 'strong p') # removes the strong AND p tags.
# Also available in template:
{{ value|removetags:"a span"|safe }}
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