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We cannot speculate on where this user log in information was obtained, but you may have fallen victim of some type of internet fraud, which includes practices such as phishing, brute force attacks, in-game scams, and gaining access to accounts using email addresses and passwords from elsewhere.
Taking PlayStation services offline for weeks and forcing Sony to dish out free games to everybody affected, hackers famously gained access to millions of PSN usernames, passwords and private information.
But even with regular periods of downtime and maintenance, PS4, PS3 and Playstation Vita owners have still experienced the inconvenience and stress of having their accounts hacked and PSN email addresses changed.
This makes it impossible to sign in to your PSN account and remove any stored bank cards, so it becomes a race against time to take control back.
All you’ve got to do is tweet Ask PlayStation UK with your problem, making sure to follow the account so they can send you a direct message with further instructio
* Created by lan2720 on 15/11/10.
public class MergeSort {
public static void merge_1(int[] A, int p, int q, int r){
* 这种merge使用了哨兵
// get the number of integer of each subArray
int n1 = q - p + 1;