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Created August 16, 2021 20:51
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import os, sys
from secretsharing import SecretSharer
import PySimpleGUI as sg
import json
from cryptosteganography import CryptoSteganography
import hashlib
from binascii import hexlify, unhexlify
def get_files(title):
event, values = sg.Window(title).Layout([[sg.Input(key='_FILES_'), sg.FilesBrowse()], [sg.OK(), sg.Cancel()]]).Read()
return values['_FILES_'].split(';')
def get_password(title):
password = sg.popup_get_text(
title, password_char='*')
return password
def get_text(title):
text = sg.popup_get_text(title)
return text
def stego_share_encrypt():
secretMessage = get_text("Enter Your Secret Message:")
threshold = get_text("Enter Key Threshold Number:")
numberOfKeys = get_text("Enter Number of Keys:")
filename = get_files("Hold Shift and Choose "+str(numberOfKeys)+" PNG/JPG images:")
password = get_password("Create a Master Password:")
os.makedirs('shares', exist_ok=True)
print(secretMessage, password, threshold, numberOfKeys, filename)
shares = SecretSharer.split_secret(bytes.hex(bytes(secretMessage.encode())), int(threshold), int(numberOfKeys))
for count, key in enumerate(shares):
print(count, key)
status = hide_message(key,filename[count],"shares/"+os.path.basename(filename[count]), password)
sg.popup("Created "+numberOfKeys+" keys with a threshold min of "+threshold+" keys required.")
#stegokey = json.loads(lsb.reveal("221blogo.png"))
def stego_share_decrypt():
files = get_files("Hold shift and select files:")
password = get_password("Enter your master password:")
shares = []
for file in files:
secret = bytes.fromhex(SecretSharer.recover_secret(shares))
sg.popup("Your secret is", secret.decode())
except UnicodeDecodeError:
sg.popup("Your secret is", secret)
sg.popup("Your secret is", hexlify(secret))
return secret
def hide_message(message, originalfile, outputfile, password):
crypto_steganography = CryptoSteganography(password)
crypto_steganography.hide(originalfile, outputfile, message)
return {'status': True, 'filename': outputfile, "password": password, 'secret_size': len(message)}
def reveal_message(image_filename, password=None):
crypto_steganography = CryptoSteganography(password)
return crypto_steganography.retrieve(image_filename)
secret = stego_share_decrypt()
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