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Last active April 5, 2020 23:40
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CatHook 0.1 - Lock computer when cat walks on keyboard.
import pynput
from pynput.keyboard import Key, Listener
import time
import os
#CatHook 0.1 - Unit 221B - stop cats from messing up your computer - Lance James
print("CatHook 0.1 - Unit 221B, LLC")
suspend = 'pmset displaysleepnow'
freq = []
key_col = []
def on_press(key):
global freq
global key_col
current_milli_time = lambda: int(round(time.time() * 1000))
if len(freq) > 1:
two_keys = freq[1] - freq[0]
freq = []
if two_keys == 84: #long press in ms
if len(key_col) == 15: #up the sensitivity here if you hold down the backspace a lot
print("you are not human", two_keys)
os.system(suspend) #hacky but it will work on Mac!
key_col =[]
if two_keys < 10:
if len(key_col) == 4:
if key_col[0] + key_col[1] + key_col[2] + key_col[3] < 40:
print("you are not human", key_col[0]+key_col[1]+key_col[2]+key_col[3])
with Listener(on_press=on_press) as listener:
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