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lancejpollard / itt-coc.ts
Created December 6, 2023 05:09 — forked from VictorTaelin/itt-coc.ts
ITT-Flavored Calculus of Constructions Type Checker
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// A nano dependent type-checker featuring inductive types via self encodings.
// All computation rules are justified by interaction combinator semantics,
// resulting in major simplifications and improvements over old Kind-Core.
// A more complete file, including superpositions (for optimal unification)
// is available on the Interaction-Type-Theory repository.
// Credits also to Franchu and T6 for insights.
// This is a new development, may have bugs (:
// Lists
type List<A> =
lancejpollard /
Last active November 9, 2023 20:44
Phrase structure rule abbreviations (partial)
S - Sentence
NP - Noun Phrase
VP - Verb Phrase
PP - Prepositional Phrase
AdvP - Adverb Phrase
AdjP - Adjective Phrase
Det - Determiner
N - Noun
V - Verb
lancejpollard /
Last active November 4, 2023 03:29
List Hunspell Dictionaries
lancejpollard / soundex.js
Created November 2, 2023 06:05 — forked from shawndumas/soundex.js
Soundex in JavaScript
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var soundex = function (s) {
var a = s.toLowerCase().split(''),
f = a.shift(),
r = '',
codes = {
a: '', e: '', i: '', o: '', u: '',
b: 1, f: 1, p: 1, v: 1,
c: 2, g: 2, j: 2, k: 2, q: 2, s: 2, x: 2, z: 2,
d: 3, t: 3,
l: 4,
lancejpollard /
Last active September 5, 2023 12:28
Wiktionary Table Parser

Wiktionary HTML Table Parser

This should work against these Wiktionary declension and conjugation tables. On each Wiktionary link/page, scroll down to the conjugation or declention table and click to expand it, to test this on it.

success language form operation title
Danish noun declension Danish Noun Declension
French verb conjugation French Verb Conjugation
lancejpollard / arabic.root.candidate.csv
Last active September 2, 2023 12:02
11137 Arabic Root Candidates from Hans Wehr word list
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lancejpollard / polly.ts
Created August 21, 2023 02:24
Amazon Polly Snippet JS
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import 'dotenv/config'
import {
} from '@aws-sdk/client-polly'
import fs from 'fs'
import read from '@nerdbond/read'
import TERM_MAP from '~/configurations/terms'
// a client can be shared by different commands.
lancejpollard /
Last active August 12, 2023 05:51
Lojban cmavo list
# word meaning details id
1 .a sumti or. logical connective: sumti afterthought or A
2 .a'a attentive. attitudinal: attentive - inattentive - avoiding (cf. jundi, rivbi) UI1
3 .a'acu'i inattentive. attitudinal: attentive - inattentive - avoiding UI*1
4 .a'anai avoiding. attitudinal: attentive - inattentive - avoiding UI*1
5 .a'e alertness. attitudinal: alertness - exhaustion (cf. sanji, cikna, tatpi) UI1
6 .a'enai exhaustion. attitudinal: alertness - exhaustion UI*1
7 [.a'i](
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The lojban I speak

coi ro do mi’e la saski’o tu’a dei cu ve ciksi tu’a lo me mi moi jbobau



About this guide

This is a brief introduction to Lojban, a constructed human language. It has a very nice, fun, regular grammar that computers and humans alike can understand easily.

Basic grammar

All Lojban words are either particles (tiny words that help the grammar) or verbs (which tell us how nouns relate).

A Lojban sentence consists of a main verb with a bunch of nouns plugged into it.

A Lojban verb definition looks like this: