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Created April 6, 2016 22:19
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Bootstrapping - a list of useful resources to get up and running quickly


UPDATE: This list is no longer maintained. I've moved it to its own repo so you can send suggestions as Pull Requests.

For feedback or suggestions, please send a tweet (@dideler). Gist comments don't notify me. Pull requests aren't possible with gists (yet), so I don't recommend forking because then I can't easily get the change.

Starring this gist will give me an idea of how many people consider this list useful.

  • OpenStrategy - kinda like this list, but much nicer presentation


  • Organize the unorganized resources
  • Improve flow by grouping similar sections and putting popular categories higher up
  • More detailed sections & subsections
  • Improve header names
  • Split content into free & paid categories (or at least identify paid resources if not split)
  • Add one-line descriptions to every resource
  • Identify resources that need updating (e.g. descriptions, names, 404s, etc.)
  • Add section with links to some of my other useful gists (e.g. interview prep, startup engineering notes)

Web Dev

Website Foundations


  • FormBakery - "professional forms for web-designers"
  • Wufoo - "amazing online forms"

Frameworks / JS plugins


Design (Frontend)

Reading Material (blogs)

Wireframing / Mockups / Prototyping

  • Omnigraffle - Mac only, use with free stencils
  • POP - prototype on paper, take pictures, simulate interaction on phone
  • Lucidchart - lots of different tools and real-time collaboration
  • Easel - works with bootstrap
  • UXPin - UX Design Platform that focuses on solving problems
  • UXPorn - Collection of wireframe templates and UI design patterns
  • Wirify - bookmarklet that turns any web page into a wireframe
  • InVision - Free web & mobile prototyping and UI mockup tool
  • Templated - Free HTML5/CSS3 site templates
  • HTML5 UP - Free HTML5/CSS3 site templates


Background Patterns




Free to use unless otherwise stated.




Static Blog Generators / Content Editors

Learning / Reference Material

Style Guides

  • Google (C++, Objective-C, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript)
  • GitHub (CSS, JavaScript, Ruby)


  • Parse - Focus on UX and stop worrying about server maintenance and complex infrastructure
  • Framer - prototyping toolkit


Note: In some cases it's better to send a validation email.

Litmus and Return Path also allow you to test how your html email looks across all email clients and browsers.


Online Payment

  • Braintree - Accept payments in your app or website
  • Stripe
    • Checkout - easily integrate Stripe directly into your website
    • jquery.payment - library for building credit card forms, validating inputs, and formatting numbers
  • Gumroad - for small transactions
  • Skeuocard - enhances credit card inputs using a skeuomorphic interface
  • Signature Pad - capture smooth signatures (open source)
  • Churn Buster - Stop losing money to failed payments in Stripe
  • Card - Make your credit card form better in one line of code.


Market Research

Licenses & Legal

Teamwork / Collaboration / Pairing

A good wireless headset (e.g. Corsair Vengeance 2000) will come in handy when remote pairing.

Coworking spaces

  • Desktime - Accept payments, book your space, and build a community with a single web-based app. Also has a directory of coworking spaces.


  • Sphinx - write docs in reStructuredText and output to many formats
  • ASCII Flow - create diagrams in ASCII
  • Read the Docs - free documentation hosting

Testing / Support / Feedback

  • Peek by UserTesting - random user evaluates your site for free (targeted users is not free)
  • AboutMyBrowser
  • errorception - Painless JS Error Tracking
  • ExceptionHub - JS error tracking
  • Polar Polls - simple 2-choice polls for user engagement
  • Aircall - The easiest phone solution for entrepreneurs and companies
  • ethnio - Recruiting for User Research
  • Olark - Live chat. Make customers happy, one chat at a time
  • Helpful - Simple support tool designed for startups
  • Intercom - User intelligence and customer communication (free to observe user activity)
  • Typeform - Free beautiful surveys and forms



Version Control

Continuous Integration and Deployment


If you need a little something to get wired in!



  • YouCanBookMe - integrates with Google Calendar, great for organizing interviews
  • When is Good - find out when everyone is free for your next meeting or event, hassle-free
  • Doodle
  • Envoy - visitor registration on the ipad

Shit that still needs to be categorized

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