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Created April 30, 2014 23:05 — forked from jookyboi/
Here are a set of libraries, plugins and guides which may be useful to your Javascript coding.


  • jQuery - The de-facto library for the modern age. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers.
  • Backbone - Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it all to your existing API over a RESTful JSON interface.
  • AngularJS - Conventions based MVC framework for HTML5 apps.
  • Underscore - Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you would expect in Prototype.js (or Ruby), but without extending any of the built-in JavaScript objects.
  • lawnchair - Key/value store adapter for indexdb, localStorage
landsurveyorsunited /
Created April 30, 2014 23:05 — forked from jookyboi/
CSS libraries and guides to bring some order to the chaos.


  • 960 Grid System - An effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions, based on a width of 960 pixels. There are two variants: 12 and 16 columns, which can be used separately or in tandem.
  • Compass - Open source CSS Authoring Framework.
  • Bootstrap - Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
  • Font Awesome - The iconic font designed for Bootstrap.
  • Zurb Foundation - Framework for writing responsive web sites.
  • SASS - CSS extension language which allows variables, mixins and rules nesting.
  • Skeleton - Boilerplate for responsive, mobile-friendly development.


A Very Large Button- Survey Earth in a Day 3D

A Very Large Button- Survey Earth in a Day 3D

A Pen by JFarrow on CodePen.


function doGet(e){
// get some variables passed from the querystring
var project = e.parameter.title;
var range = e.parameter.range;
var sheet = e.parameter.sheet;
// Grab a basic html template to fill in the blanks - see
var t = HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile("reportTemplate");
// some bits of code to grab the source urls
var doc = SpreadsheetApp.openById(ScriptProperties.getProperty('active'));
function getImportio() {
* Class UrlFetchApp
* Fetch resources and communicate with other hosts over the Internet. This service allows
* scripts to communicate with other applications or access other resources on the web by
* fetching URLs. A script can use the URL Fetch service to issue HTTP and HTTPS requests
* and receive responses. The URL Fetch service uses Google's network infrastructure for

Script to sync a Google SpreadSheet to a Fusion Table

I will admit that save for a few legacy projects that still use Fusion Tables I don't actively use this script anymore -- hence no real development or maintaining of it.

Something changed on the authentication end a while back it seems, and I can't vouch for whether this script continues to work or not. I know that once I enabled two-factor authentication for my Google account this script stopped working.

I've added a couple potential solutions here, but would welcome someone -- Google or otherwise -- to offer a long-term maintained solution.

Thanks goes out to John McGrath who did the bulk of the work in making this script happen.