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NetworkManager ignore docker, virtualbox, and vmware adapters
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szczad commented Jan 25, 2018

@dragon788 Please see manpage for NetworkManager.conf, section "Device List Format"
It states clearly that:

   interface-name:IFNAME, interface-name:~IFNAME
      Case sensitive match of interface name of the device. Simple globbing is supported with * and ?. 
      Ranges and escaping is not supported.

      Case sensitive match of interface name of the device. Globbing is disabled and IFNAME is taken literally.

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cuchac commented Jul 20, 2021

I used this line to ignore bridge interfaces as well and use wildcards:

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thinkawitch commented Aug 9, 2021

This tweak helped me with docker containers gets unavailable inside of vmware linux mint 20 (ubuntu 20.04) after pause/resume.

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