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State management in ki (
ki macro (export $name $val)
(js exports.$name = $val)
ki require core
// Ported from
ki (ns diff
(defn equalityPartition [x]
(isMap x) :map
(isSet x) :set
// js array is :atom for now
(isSequential x) :sequential
:else :atom))
(defn atomDiff [a b]
(if (eq a b) [nil nil a] [a b nil]))
(defn notEmpty [coll]
(when (seq coll) coll))
(defn vectorize [m]
(when (seq m)
(fn [result k v] (assoc result k v))
(into [] (repeat (apply Math.max (keys m)) nil))
(defn diffAssociativeKey [a b k]
(let [va (get a k)
vb (get b k)
dab (diff va vb)
a_ (nth dab 0)
b_ (nth dab 1)
ab (nth dab 2)
inA (hasKey a k)
inB (hasKey b k)
same (and inA inB
(or (not (eq ab nil))
(and (eq va nil) (eq vb nil))))]
[(when (and inA (or (not (eq a_ nil)) (not same))) {k a_})
(when (and inB (or (not (eq b_ nil)) (not same))) {k b_})
(when same {k ab})]))
(defn diffAssociative
([a b]
(if (isMap a)
(diffAssociative a b (set (union (keys a) (keys b))))
(diffAssociative a b (range (Math.max (count a) (count b))))))
([a b ks]
(fn [diff1 diff2]
(map merge diff1 diff2))
[nil nil nil]
(map (partial diffAssociativeKey a b) ks))))
(defmulti diffSimilar
(fn [a b]
(equalityPartition a)))
(defmethod diffSimilar :map [a b]
(diffAssociative a b))
// TODO: fix ki bug here
(defmethod diffSimilar :set [a b]
[(notEmpty (difference a b))
(notEmpty (difference b a))
(notEmpty (intersection a b))]))
(defmethod diffSimilar :sequential [a b]
(into []
(map vectorize
(if (isVector a) a (into [] a))
(if (isVector b) b (into [] b))))))
(defmethod diffSimilar :atom [a b]
(atomDiff a b))
(defn diff [a b]
(if (equals a b)
[nil nil a]
(if (eq (equalityPartition a) (equalityPartition b))
(diffSimilar a b)
(atomDiff a b))))
//(export diff diff)
ki (ns state
(def looping (atom false))
(def ouid (atom 0))
(def observers (atom []))
// TODO: possible improvements
// * only keep versions that are referenced to in the cleanup
// * discard versions that will not be referenced to in swapState
(def states (atom {:map {0 {:rev 0}} :lastrev 0}))
(defn getState [rev]
(let [rev (if (eq rev :lastrev)
(get (deref states) :lastrev)
(getIn (deref states) [:map rev])))
(defn diffStates [rev1 rev2]
(diff/diff (dissoc (getState rev1) :rev)
(dissoc (getState rev2) :rev)))
(defn swapState [f]
(swap states
(fn [states]
(let [lastRev (get states :lastrev)
lastState (getIn states [:map lastRev])
newRev (inc lastRev)
newState (threadf (f lastState) (assoc :rev newRev))]
(threadf states
(updateIn [:map] assoc newRev newState)
(assoc :lastrev newRev))))))
(defn ensureK [k]
(if (js k[0] == '#')
(parseInt (k.substr 1))
(keyword k)))
(defn ensureKs [ks]
(let [ks (toClj ks)
ks (if (isSequential ks) ks [ks])]
(fn [out k]
(if (eq (typeof k) 'string')
(concat out
(k.split '/')
(remove (fn [el] (eq el '')))
(map ensureK)))
(concat out [k])))
(defn get_
(get_ ks :lastrev))
([ks rev]
(toJs (getIn (getState rev) (ensureKs ks)))))
(defn set_
([ks val]
(set_ ks val true))
([ks val to_clj]
(fn [state]
(assocIn state (ensureKs ks) (if to_clj (toClj val true) val))))
(get :lastrev))))
(defn remove_ [ks]
(fn [state]
(let [ks (into [] (ensureKs ks))
(fn [s k]
(if (isVector s)
(into [] (concat (subvec s 0 k) (subvec s (inc k))))
(dissoc s k)))]
(if (isEmpty (pop ks))
(dissoc_mv state (peek ks))
(updateIn state (pop ks) (fn [s] (dissoc_mv s (peek ks))))))))
(get :lastrev)))
(defn peek_
(peek_ ks :lastrev))
([ks rev]
(toJs (peek (getIn (getState rev) (ensureKs ks))))))
(defn pop_ [ks]
(fn [state]
(updateIn state (ensureKs ks) pop)))
(get :lastrev)))
(defn push_
([ks val]
(push_ ks val true))
([ks val to_clj]
(fn [state]
(let [conj2 (fn [coll el] (ifNot coll [el] (conj coll el)))]
(updateIn state (ensureKs ks) conj2 (if to_clj (toClj val true) val)))))
(get :lastrev))))
(defn count_
(count_ ks :lastrev))
([ks rev]
(count (getIn (getState rev) (ensureKs ks)))))
(defn observe [ks callback]
(let [uid (swap ouid inc)]
(swap observers
conj {:path (ensureKs ks) :callback callback :rev 0 :uid uid})
(defn unobserve [uid]
(swap observers
(fn [obss]
(remove (fn [obs] (eq (get obs :uid) uid)) obss)))
(defn loop [msec]
// TODO: do nothing if nrev is not changing
// Keep track of :lastrev (as function argument?)
// and avoid doing anything if :lastrev is the same
// *and* there's only one entry in the state map (no history)
// (an observer could have deferred)
(swap observers
(fn [obss]
(loop [obss obss
out []
diffCache {}]
(if (isEmpty obss)
(let [obs (first obss)
orev (get obs :rev)
nrev (get (getState :lastrev) :rev)]
(if (eq orev nrev)
(recur (rest obss) (conj out obs) diffCache)
(let [diff (if (get diffCache :rev) (get diffCache :rev) (diffStates orev :lastrev))
minus (getIn (nth diff 0) (get obs :path))
plus (getIn (nth diff 1) (get obs :path))]
(rest obss)
(conj out
(if (or minus plus)
(if (neq ((get obs :callback) (toJs plus) (toJs minus) nrev orev) false)
(assoc obs :rev nrev)
(assoc obs :rev nrev)))
(if (get diffCache :rev)
(assoc diffCache orev diff))))))))))
(whenNot (isEmpty (deref observers))
(let [minRev (reduce Math.min (map :rev (deref observers)))]
(swap states updateIn [:map]
(fn [m] (into {} (filter (fn [kv] (geq (first kv) minRev)) m))))))
(when (deref looping)
(setTimeout (partial loop msec) msec)))
(defn start
(start 16))
(reset looping true)
(loop msec)))
(defn stop []
(reset looping false))
(export get get_)
(export set set_)
(export peek peek_)
(export push push_)
(export pop pop_)
(export remove remove_)
(export count count_)
(export observe observe)
(export unobserve unobserve)
(export start start)
(export stop stop)
var state = require('./state');
var oid = state.observe("foo/bar", function(plus, minus) { console.log('OBSERVED: ' + minus + ' -> ' + plus); } );
for (var i=0; i<1000; i++) {
setTimeout(function() {
for (var i=0; i<1000; i++) {
}, 500);
setTimeout(function() { state.unobserve(oid); }, 1000);
setTimeout(function() { state.stop(); }, 2000);
// Expected output:
// OBSERVED: null -> 1235
// OBSERVED: 1235 -> 999
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