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declare module "react-copy-write" {
interface ConsumerProps<TState> {
select?: any;
children: (store: TState) => any;
interface ISelector<TState, TRet> {
select: (store: TState) => TRet;
class Consumer<T> extends Component<ConsumerProps<T>> {}
interface IState<TState> {
Consumer: new () => Consumer<TState>;
selector: (state: TState) => TRet
): ISelector<TState, TRet>;
createConsumer<TState, T1>(
selector1: ISelector<TState, T1>
): new () => Consumer<T1>;
createConsumer<TState, T1, T2>(
selector1: ISelector<TState, T1>,
selector2: ISelector<TState, T2>
): new () => Consumer<T1 & T2>;
export function createStore<TState>(state: TState): IState<TState>;
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