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Proxy / Reflect based object watcher
const obj = {
name: 'Erdem',
surname: 'Arslan'
const onChange = (watch, callback) => {
const handler = {
get (target, prop, receiver) {
callback(target, prop, receiver)
const value = Reflect.get(target, prop, receiver)
if (typeof value === 'object') {
return new Proxy(value, handler)
return value
set (target, prop, value) {
callback(target, prop, value)
return Reflect.set(target, prop, value)
del (target, prop) {
callback(target, prop)
return Reflect.deleteProperty(target, prop)
return new Proxy(watch, handler)
const logger = event => console.log(event)
const proxy = onChange(obj, logger) = 'Dias'
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