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I want an acceptance test for an Artisan command that generates some files with boilerplate. However, this command is part of a Composer package. I'm trying to figure out the best way to actually call Artisan from the package. Right now, I'm just assuming the framework and doing ../../../artisan. Is there an alternative/better way that you'd sug…
$saveDir = './tests/acceptance/tmp';
$stubDir = './tests/acceptance/stubs';
$commandToGenerate = 'FooCommand';
$I = new AcceptanceTester($scenario);
$I->wantTo('generate a command and handler class');
// Is there a better way to call the Artisan command? Without having to expect the framework and do ../../../?
$I->runShellCommand("php ../../../artisan commander:generate $commandToGenerate --properties='bar, baz' --base='$saveDir'");
$I->seeInShellOutput('All done!');
// My Command stub should match the generated class.
// And my CommandHandler stub should match its generated counterpart, as well.

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hoopyfrood commented Jul 31, 2014

It won't be long: laravel/laravel#2218. I'd wait, if you can't, I'm afraid the ../../../ is the best way. Good luck!


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DavertMik commented Aug 1, 2014

I'd create a runArtisanCommand method in AcceptanceHelper to execute artisan commands.
To match root directory you can use codecept_root_dir function

      enabled: ArtisanHelper
class ArtisanHelper extends \Codeception\Module
     function runArtisanCommand($command)
          $this->getModule('Cli')->runShellCommand("php artisan $command");     

If codecept_root_dir is not what you need you can use ../../../ inside of runArtisanCommand
Abyway that would be less ugly than using ../../ inside of tests


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umang-ranium commented Aug 6, 2015

@DavertMik codeception already has a function callArtisan how to check out put of it

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