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Default configuration file for setting Shift preferences
; Within this file you may set preferences for Shift.
; These may be used to customize the behavior of the
; Shift bot by disabling or guiding the automation.
; NOTE: Any paths should be relative to location
; of this file and exclude a trailing slash.
; Section to set options for PHP Shifts.
; The path to the config file included in your project
; for Shift to apply your custom code style. This
; only needs to be set if you use a different
; path than one of the defaults.
code_style = ""
; Section to set general options for all Shifts.
; Additional paths Shift should scan which are
; not included in a default project structure.
; Separate multiple paths with `:`
additional_paths = ""
; Any paths Shift should not scan which are
; included in a default project structure.
; Separate multiple paths with `:`
excluded_paths = ""
; Section to set options for Laravel Shifts.
; The path to your Models. By default Shift
; will attempt to scan both the app/ and
; app/Models path.
models_path = ""
; Report any Controllers containing actions
; outside the seven default resource methods:
; index, create, store, edit, update,
; show, destroy
resourceful_controllers = true
; Fix Laravel Facade references to use an
; explicit import instead of their global
; alias.
global_facades = true
; Fix Controllers and Middlewares to use the
; auto-injected Request object instead of
; the Request Facade or helper function.
leverage_request = true
; Report validation in controllers using the
; Validate Facade or request->validate method
; as opportunities to use Form Requests.
controller_validation = true
; Use (or convert) the array syntax for the
; validation rules in Form Requests instead
; of pipe delimited strings.
form_request_array_syntax = true
; Report Models or Controllers which extend
; custom classes instead of the core classes
; as an opportunity to use traits.
core_inheritance = true
; Report routes containing "api" within
; the routes/web.php file as an opportunity
; to relocate them to the appropriate
; routes/api.php file.
api_routes = true
; Force the upgrade for core config files
; for easier review within the Pull Request
; instead of manually reviewing.
force_upgrade_config = true
; All Shifts check that the default Laravel
; namespaces are autoloaded. However, if you
; you have chosen to customize your app
; namespace or follow an alternative app
; structure, you may disable these checks.
check_namespaces = true
; Section to set options for Tailwind Shifts.
; The location of your compiled CSS file
; to convert. By default Shift uses
; `public/css/app.css`
compiled_css = ""
; The path to your CSS source files where
; Shift will save generated stylesheets.
; By default Shift uses `resources/css`
source_path = ""
; The path to your HTML templates Shift should
; scan for CSS class or style changes. By
; default Shift scans `resources/views`
; Separate multiple paths with `:`
template_paths = ""
; The path to your Tailwind configuration file.
; By default Shift assumes this file is at the
; the same level as this .shiftrc file.
config_path = ""
; The name of your Tailwind configuration file.
; By default Shift uses `tailwind.config.js`
config_file = ""
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JHWelch commented Mar 29, 2021

Opportunity is spelled wrong twice as opporuntity on lines 65 and 76.

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JHWelch commented Apr 2, 2021

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@JHWelch, thanks these have been updated.

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