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larisasmiles / shortcuts
Created Dec 14, 2017
shortcuts for code
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For everyone tired of typing console.log(), use this function in your code...
function log(input) {
larisasmiles / gist:6b30a6e133af45fcdc345a1e189ba865
Created Jun 8, 2017
Debugging the Gender Gap & Microaggressions in Tech
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How are your experiences here at Turing similar or different than those shared in the documentary?
I feel that because of the conversations here at Turing, we won't see as much of outwardly aggression, sexism, and condescending
behavior. I personally haven't experienced sexism, or aggression. I feel that the only thing I have experienced is an instructor
feeling the need to tell me that I may have a place in the tech world, but not as a developer. Which of course as a teacher/student
relationship that struck me as not the "Truing Philosophy". Especially after watching the video on Debugging the Gender Gap.
What role do you play in creating a more inclusive environment in your cohort and the larger community at Turing?
I have made strong connections in my cohort, I am the includer in our group. They feel comfortable to talk to me
about their frustrations, and their wins. That goes for Turing in general. I have made several connections with upper-mods
and feel that I am appreciated for my po
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Personal Stories & Connection
What brought you here?
I went through a grueling divorce and found myself wondering what type of career path would make sense for me.
I love to problem solve, I love to collaborate, and I enjoy learning. In the past I would become a "master" in my field and
I'd lose interest in what I was doing. With developing there is always ways to grow. I played with coding on a few internet sites
and found that I was staying up till the wee hours going through the excersises and really enjoying them.
What lenses or identities do you view the world through most often?
I view the world through my lense as a mother, as a woman. However I can see this changing as I spend more time working on
myself and learning to program.
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How have your experiences this week put you into a growth or fixed mindset?
My week has been wonderful, I am so happy to be back at Turing. I feel this week has been conducive for a growth mindset.
Having a week break was nice, it was so great to spend it with my children. The energy at Turing this week is exciting!
Everyone here seems genuinly happy to be here.
What do you believe can cause a person to get stuck in a fixed mindset?
People come from all walks of life. Different upbringings and experinces. We all have our own story we tell ourselves.
I feel that if not given the oppurtinuty to learn about Growth Mindset it is our culture to have a fixed mindset. I am so
happy that Turing ackloedges this and wants to provide the tools so we can alter our projection on ourselves.
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Last active May 11, 2017
DTR Night Writer w/Jim Szalewski

Guiding Questions to Define The Relationship:

  • What are your learning goals for this project? I would like to be able to feel comfortable with pairing and
  • What drives us in this project? To come out as better knowing ourselves and eachother.
  • What is your collaboration style? How do you feel about pair programming vs. divide-and-conquer approaches? I like to ping-pong-pair. I learn better by paired programming. Divid and conquer for very small iterations....or maybe when we both have a better understanding of code.
  • How do you communicate best? How do you appreciate receiving communication from others? I am better with laying out a calendar of days/times that work for both us.
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Created Apr 19, 2017
# Larisa Cressman (Anderson) ## Mod 1 Deliverables: * Link to DTR Memo
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# Larisa Cressman (Anderson)
## Mod 1 Deliverables:
* Link to DTR Memo using these [guidelines](
* Link to gist documenting your strengths & storytelling reflection using these [guidelines](
larisasmiles / Module 1 Week 4 Diagnostic
Last active Apr 10, 2017
Module 1 Week 4 Diagnostic
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# Module 1 Week 4 Diagnostic
This exercise is intended to help you assess your progress with the concepts and techniques we've covered during the week.
For these questions, write a short description or snippet of code that meets the requirement. In cases where the question mentions a "given" data value, use the variable given to refer to it (instead of re-writing the information).
##### 1. Give one difference between Modules and Classes.
Modules are not meant to create intances.
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When I found out I was paired with Chantal, I felt a wave of relief sweep over my body. How lucky was I to be paired with such
and understanding, smart, and friendly person.
We made our DTR, and we both knew that because of my lack of experince it was going to be a tough project to both feel that
we we're going to be able to contribute equally.
We started out working together, and we decided that we were going to divide and concour. Looking back I feel that this wasn't
the best way to start our project. Reason being is I needed to be able to see the ins and outs of the code to help me
understand the problem.
I started to work on the project with Dave Maurer, and invited Chantal to work with us. We decided that we should stop moving
forward until I was able to catch up. I am not sure if this was the best idea for the project, but it made sense at the time.
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Week 2 Diagnostic
This exercise is intended to help you assess your progress with the concepts and techniques we've covered during the week.
For these questions, write a short snippet of code that meets the requirement. In cases where the question mentions a "given" data value, use the variable `given` to refer to it (instead of re-writing the information).
Use single (\`) and triple backticks (\`\`\`) to container code snippets.
1. Define a class called `PizzaOven` which has a method `cook_pizza` which returns the string `"mmm 'za"`.
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### Template for DTR Memo
Project: Enigma
Group Member Names:Larisa & Chantell
Project Expectations: What does each group member hope to get out of this project? Learn how to encrypt and decrypt
I feel the same way.
Goals and expectations:
Wednesday due date
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