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open import Data.Nat
open import Data.Fin renaming ( zero to here ; suc to there )
open import Data.Product
open import Relation.Binary.PropositionalEquality
module _ where
data Vec₁ (A : Set) : Set where
nil₁ : Vec₁ A zero
cons₁ : {n : ℕ} A (xs : Vec₁ A n) toℕ (Vec₂ xs) ≡ n Vec₁ A (suc n)
Vec₂ : {A : Set}{n : ℕ} Vec₁ A n Fin (suc n)
Vec₂ nil₁ = here
Vec₂ (cons₁ x xs q) = there (Vec₂ xs)
Vec : Set Set
Vec A n = Σ (Vec₁ A n) (λ xs toℕ (Vec₂ xs) ≡ n)
nil : {A : Set} Vec A zero
nil = nil₁ , refl
cons : {A : Set} {n : ℕ} A Vec A n Vec A (suc n)
cons x (xs , q) = cons₁ x xs q , cong suc q
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