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Last active February 25, 2021 15:51
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METHOD zif_abapgit_exit~http_client.
DATA: lv_ticket TYPE text4096,
ls_bapiret2 TYPE bapiret2.
* Or create RFC calling function module CREATE_RFC_REENTRANCE_TICKET
ev_ticket = lv_ticket
es_return = ls_bapiret2
system_failure = 1
communication_failure = 2
resource_failure = 3.
IF sy-subrc = 0.
name = 'MYSAPSSO2'
value = CONV #( lv_ticket ) ).
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Hi @larshp I have created a Oauth Client in ABAP which retrieves bearer tokens and refresh tokens from AZURE AD. Since our Azure Devops VSTS Repos are protected we have to authenticate each connection call. Our organization don't want to create PAT to login and they want to use SSO for that. Here comes the use of Oauth client, Can you please point me where can i modify the code, so that instead of asking user id and paswword, abapGit should set the token in http_client call and directly makes call with bearer tokens. Also if bearer token fails then i should be able to use refresh_flow to get new token with refresh token.

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larshp commented May 14, 2020

above code is for SAP reentrance tickets, not related to oauth, I don't have experience setting up oauth

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Hi Larshp, Nikhil
I am also looking for the oath proxy authentication to connect to Azure devops git from SAP.
Can you please let me know if you have the latest http_client implementation available for this ?
@nikhil : did you set any default value to the profile parameter ?

Thanks & Regards,
Prasanth P

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