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pg-0.18.0.pre20141017160319-x86-mingw32 load error
diff --git a/lib/pg.rb b/lib/pg.rb
index 3d96b75..b9b8b65 100644
--- a/lib/pg.rb
+++ b/lib/pg.rb
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ rescue LoadError
# Set the PATH environment variable, so that libpq.dll can be found.
old_path = ENV['PATH']
- ENV['PATH'] = "#{old_path};#{File.expand_path("../#{RUBY_PLATFORM}", __FILE__)}"
+ ENV['PATH'] = "#{File.expand_path("../#{RUBY_PLATFORM}", __FILE__)};#{old_path}"
require "#{major_minor}/pg_ext"
ENV['PATH'] = old_path
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