Code derived from the d3.js 'force' example:
The miserables.json file contains the weighted network of coappearances of
characters in Victor Hugo's novel /Les Miserables/. Nodes represent characters
as indicated by the labels, and edges connect any pair of characters that
appear in the same chapter of the book. The values on the edges are the number
of such coappearances. The data on coappearances were taken from D. E. Knuth,
"The Stanford GraphBase: A Platform for Combinatorial Computing",
Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA (1993).
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<style type="text/css">
.axis path,
.axis line {
fill: none;
stroke: black;
shape-rendering: crispEdges;
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!function(){function n(n){return n&&(n.ownerDocument||n.document||n).documentElement}function t(n){return n&&(n.ownerDocument&&n.ownerDocument.defaultView||n.document&&n||n.defaultView)}function e(n,t){return t>n?-1:n>t?1:n>=t?0:0/0}function r(n){return null===n?0/0:+n}function u(n){return!isNaN(n)}function i(n){return{left:function(t,e,r,u){for(arguments.length<3&&(r=0),arguments.length<4&&(u=t.length);u>r;){var i=r+u>>>1;n(t[i],e)<0?r=i+1:u=i}return r},right:function(t,e,r,u){for(arguments.length<3&&(r=0),arguments.length<4&&(u=t.length);u>r;){var i=r+u>>>1;n(t[i],e)>0?u=i:r=i+1}return r}}}function o(n){return n.length}function a(n){for(var t=1;n*t%1;)t*=10;return t}function c(n,t){for(var e in t)Object.defineProperty(n.prototype,e,{value:t[e],enumerable:!1})}function l(){this._=Object.create(null)}function s(n){return(n+="")===pa||n[0]===va?va+n:n}function f(n){return(n+="")[0]===va?n.slice(1):n}function h(n){return s(n)in this._}function g(n){return(n=s(n))in this._&&delete this._[n]}function p(){var n=[]

These donut charts are constructed from a CSV file storing the populations of various age groups in different states. (As a practical note, a normalized stacked area chart facilitates easier comparison of values.) The chart employs a number of D3 features:

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date New York San Francisco Austin
20111001 63.4 62.7 72.2
20111002 58.0 59.9 67.7
20111003 53.3 59.1 69.4
20111004 55.7 58.8 68.0
20111005 64.2 58.7 72.4
20111006 58.8 57.0 77.0
20111007 57.9 56.7 82.3
20111008 61.8 56.8 78.9
20111009 69.3 56.7 68.8