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acronyms frequently used by me
% $Id: acronyms.tex 11537 2014-05-27 03:52:54Z vilhuber $
% $URL: $
% Define acronyms to be used in the text here. See
% for usage in
% Scientific workplace context
\acrodef{ACS}{American Community Survey}
\acrodef{ACS-POW}{American Community Survey Place of Work file}
\acrodef{AHEAD}{Study of Assets and Health Dynamics Amongst the Oldest Old}
\acrodef{AHS}{American Housing Survey}
\acrodef{ASCII}{American Standard Code for Information Interchange} %, typically used to denote raw text files in PC or Unix environments
\acrodef{ASM}{Annual Survey of Manufacturers}
\acrodef{BDS}{Business Dynamics Statistics}
\acrodef{BED}{Business Employment Dynamics}
\acrodef{BES}{Business Expenditure Survey}
\acrodef{BII}{Business-identifying information}
\acrodef{BLS}{Bureau of Labor Statistics}
\acrodef{BMF}{Block Map File}
\acrodef{BR}{Business Register}
\acrodef{BRB}{Business Register Bridge}
\acrodef{CBO}{Congressional Budget Office}
\acrodef{CBSA}{Core-Based Statistical Area}
\acrodef{CER}{Covered Earnings Records}
\acrodef{CES}{Center for Economic Studies}
\acrodef{CEW}{Covered Employment and Wages}%. Employment statistics program run by BLS in conjunction with all states, also known as ES-202. Generally, when used in this document, refers to public-use tabulations from the CEW, as opposed to the confidential microdata received directly from the states.
\acrodef{CFN}{Census File Number}
\acrodef{CIA}{Central Intelligence Agency}
\acrodef{CIT}{Cornell Information Technologies}
\acrodef{CISER}{Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research}
\acrodef{CIT}{Cornell Information Technologies}
\acrodef{CM}{Census of Manufactures}
\acrodef{CODA}{Children of Depression}
\acrodef{Code1}{Code 1}
\acrodef{COLA}{cost of living allowance}
\acrodef{CPR}{Composite Person Record}
\acrodef{CPS}{Current Population Survey}
\acrodef{CRADC}{Cornell Restricted Access Data Center}
\acrodef{CTC}{Cornell Theory Center}
\acrodef{DC}{Decennial Census}
\acrodef{DCC}{Data Confidentiality Committee}
\acrodef{DER}{Detailed Earnings Record}
\acrodef{DHS}{Department of Homeland Security}
\acrodef{DRB}{Disclosure Review Board}
\acrodef{DOI}{Digital Object Identifier}
\acrodef{ECF}{Employer Characteristics File}
\acrodef{EHF}{Employment History Files}
\acrodef{EHRI}{Enterprise Human Resources Integration}
\acrodef{EIN}{Employer Identification Number}
\acrodef{FBI}{Federal Bureau of Investigation}
\acrodef{FDIC}{Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation}
\acrodef{FEMA}{Federal Emergency Management Agency}
\acrodef{FIPS}{Federal Information Processing Standards}
\acrodef{FTI}{Federal Tax Information}
\acrodef{FOIA}{Freedom of Information Act}
\acrodef{FSRDC}{Federal Statistical Research Data Center}
\acrodef{GAO}{Government Accountability Office}
\acrodef{GAL}{Geocoded Address List}
\acrodef{GRF}{Geographic Reference File}
\acrodef{GSA}{General Services Administration}
\acrodef{GRF-C}{Geographic Reference File-Codes}
\acrodef{GIS}{Geographic Information System}
\acrodef{GRF-C}{Geographic Reference File - Codes}
\acrodef{HCEF}{100 Percent Census Edited File}
\acrodef{HDF}{100 Percent Detail File}
\acrodef{HHS}{Department of Health and Human Services}
\acrodef{HRS}{Health and Retirement Study}
\acrodef{ICF}{Individual Characteristics File}
\acrodef{IRB}{Institutional Review Board}
\acrodef{IRS}{Internal Revenue Service}
\acrodef{IRS}{Internal Revenue Service}
\acrodef{ISR}{Institute for Social Research}
\acrodef{ISSN}{International Standard Serial Number}
\acrodef{J2J}{Job-to-Job Flows}
\acrodef{JHF}{Job History File}
\acrodef{JOLTS}{Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey}
\acrodef{LBD}{Longitudinal Business Database}
\acrodef{LBDB}{\ac{LBD} Bridge}
\acrodef{LDB}{Longitudinal Data Base}
\acrodef{LED}{Local Employment Dynamics}
\acrodef{LEHD}{Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics}
\acrodef{LMI}{Labor Market Information}
\acrodef{LODES}{LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics}
\acrodef{MAF}{Master Address File}
\acrodef{MCAR}{Missing Completely at Random}
\acrodef{MBR}{Master Beneficiary Record}
\acrodef{MEF}{Master Earnings File}
\acrodef{MER}{Master Earnings Record}
\acrodef{MOU}{Memorandum of Understanding}
\acrodef{MSA}{Metropolitan Statistical Area}
\acrodef{NAICS}{North American Industry Coding System}
\acrodef{NCRN}{NSF Census Research Network}
\acrodef{NIA}{National Institutes of Aging}
\acrodef{NIST}{National Institute of Standards and Technology}
\acrodef{NSF}{National Science Foundation}
\acrodef{NSTA}{NAICS SIC Treatment of Auxiliaries}
\acrodef{OMB}{Office of Management and Budget}
\acrodef{OPM}{Office of Personnel Management}
\acrodef{PCF}{Personal Characteristics File}
\acrodef{PHF}{Person History File}
\acrodef{PIK}{Protected Identity Key}
\acrodef{POI}{Point of information}
\acrodef{QA}{quality assurance}
\acrodef{PPN}{Permanent Plant Number}
\acrodef{QCEW}{Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages}
\acrodef{QWI}{Quarterly Workforce Indicators}
\acrodef{QWIPU}{Public-Use \ac{QWI}}
\acrodef{RDA}{Restricted Data Application}
\acrodef{RDC}{Research Data Center}
\acrodef{RUN}{Reporting unit number}
\acrodef{SCEF}{Sample Census Edited File}
\acrodef{SCT}{Standard Code Table}
\acrodef{SEDF}{Sample Edited Detail File}
\acrodef{SEIN}{State employer identification number}
\acrodef{SEINUNIT}{SEIN reporting unit}
\acrodef{SEPB}{Summary of Earnings and Projected Benefits} % confidential SSA % file
\acrodef{SESA}{State Employment Security Agency}
\acrodef{SESA-ID}{State Employment Security Agency ID}
\acrodef{SIC}{Standard Industry Classification}
\acrodef{SIPP}{Survey of Income and Program Participation}
\acrodef{SPF}{Successor-Predecessor File}
\acrodef{SRMI}{Sequential Regression Multiple Imputation}
\acrodef{SSA}{Social Security Administration}
\acrodef{SSEL}{Standard Statistical Establishment List}
\acrodef{SSI}{Supplemental Security Income}
\acrodef{SSN}{Social Security Number}
\acrodef{SSR}{Supplemental Security Record}
\acrodef{StARS}{Statistical Administrative Records System}
\acrodef{U2W}{Unit-to-Worker Impute}
\acrodef{USPS}{United States Postal Service}
\acrodef{WTS}{Windows Terminal Services}
\acrodef{UI}{unemployment insurance}
\acrodef{WB}{War Babies}
\acrodef{WIA}{Workforce Investment Act}
\acrodef{WIB}{Workforce Investment Board}
\acrodef{WTS}{Windows Terminal Services}
% Usage in the later text:
% \ac{acronym} Expand and identify the acronym the first time; use
% only the acronym thereafter
% \acf{acronym} Use the full name of the acronym.
% \acs{acronym} Use the acronym, even before the first corresponding
% \ac command
% \acl{acronym} Expand the acronym without using the acronym itself.
%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: "proposal"
%%% End:
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