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Last active November 24, 2020 17:22
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A stata config file to store parameters and file paths in a single project-specific location
/* */
/* Suggested by Lars Vilhuber */
/* Create a reproducible Stata sequence by calling this program from every other program in your sequence */
/* Get it at: */
/* Usage:
Adapt to your needs, save as, then add
include ""
in the author's main Stata program
/* Create a log file */
local c_date = c(current_date)
local cdate = subinstr("`c_date'", " ", "_", .)
local logprefix "logfile" // could be "myprog" or something else or could come from the main program
log using "`logprefix'_`cdate'.log", replace text
/* define global parameters and paths */
global precision 0.01
/* paths */
global basepath "/path/to/project" // change this for your specific system
global inputdata "$basepath/inputdata" // this is where you would read data acquired elsewhere
global outputdata "$basepath/outputdata" // this is where you would write the data you create in this project
global results "$basepath/tables" // All tables for inclusion in your paper go here
global programs "$basepath/programs" // All programs (which you might "include") are to be found here
global adobase "$basepath/programs/ado" // Ado packages used by the project are to be found here
/* install any packages locally */
capture mkdir "$adobase"
sysdir set PERSONAL "$adobase/ado/personal"
sysdir set PLUS "$adobase/ado/plus"
sysdir set SITE "$adobase/ado/site"
/* keep this line in the config file */
/* It will provide some info about how and when the program was run */
/* See */
local variant = cond(c(MP),"MP",cond(c(SE),"SE",c(flavor)) )
// alternatively, you could use
// local variant = cond(c(stata_version)>13,c(real_flavor),"NA")
di "Stata version: `c(stata_version)'"
di "Updated as of: `c(born_date)'"
di "Variant: `variant'"
di "Processors: `c(processors)'"
di "OS: `c(os)' `c(osdtl)'"
di "Machine type: `c(machine_type)'"
di "=========================="
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