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@laser laser/server.go
Created May 12, 2014

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Basic Server - Golang
package main
import (
t "./todos"
s "./store"
type TodoManagerImpl struct {
Store *s.Store
func (impl TodoManagerImpl) ReadTodos() ([]t.Todo, error) {
return impl.Store.GetAll()
func (impl TodoManagerImpl) CreateTodo(properties t.TodoProperties) (t.Todo, error) {
return impl.Store.Save(properties)
func (impl TodoManagerImpl) UpdateTodo(todo t.Todo) (t.Todo, error) {
return impl.Store.Update(todo)
func (impl TodoManagerImpl) DeleteTodo(todo t.Todo) (bool, error) {
return impl.Store.Delete(todo.Id)
func main() {
idl := barrister.MustParseIdlJson([]byte(t.IdlJsonRaw))
store := s.NewStore()
mgr := TodoManagerImpl{store}
svr := t.NewJSONServer(idl, true, mgr)
http.Handle("/v1/todos", &svr)
fmt.Println("Starting TodoManager server on localhost:3000")
err := http.ListenAndServe(":3000", nil)
if err != nil {
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