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Magma Rails Give-away
Day Job: Programmer and web designer for small outsourcing firm called Etherpros in Orizaba, Veracruz.
Open source contribution:
Nothing too big. I created FastFM which is a Filemaker (hate the technology but had to use it for a project) PHP ORM. I also host 'chayote', a simple open-source time tracking application. None of my open source projects have taken off (but to be fair I haven't promoted them much).
I've made some contributions to ThinkUp and Canvas.
Tell me about your experience with Ruby/Rails: Been using it since 09. Not only is it based on my favorite language (ruby), but I've found RoR to be the framework that best allows for agile development which keeps clients happy. I love it.
GitHub: I use it as a repo for most of my projects and to contribute to open source projects I find interesting.
Favorite luchador: Rey Escorpion! A huevo!
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