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latestscoop / example.php
Last active June 20, 2018 08:28
PHP: On success inject JavaScript to redirect to another page (+ pass url parameter)
//pass a value to url parameter called param
$value = 'value';
//on success (eg: form sent) $var='trigger'
if ($var=='trigger'){
//redirect to url after 2 seconds
echo '<script type="text/JavaScript">' . 'setTimeout("location.href =' . " '" . $value . "';" . '",2000);' . '</script>' ;
latestscoop / explained.txt
Last active June 22, 2018 12:23
Google Analytics: Goals - Regular Expressions
All the following regex will pick up the goal trigger from a URL parameter on any page.
Example URL's with paramters:,
This regex will pick up any of the following values; value,Value,ANYTHINGvalueANYTHING
Example URL's;,,
This regex will pick up the following values; value one, Value One, valueone, ValueOne, ANYTHINGvalueoneANYTHING
Example URL's; One, oneTEXT,