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Current status of experiments with Eclipse 4 for Clojure development of Counterclockwise.
(require '[ccw.util.e4 :as e4])
;; plumbing/kernel functions: no reflection, follows closely eclipse Application Model/Semantics,
;; no magic (no nice-to-have coercition, only the ones that make total sense)
;; , simple
;; porcelain/user functions: relax reflection constraint as appropriate, pay as you go (thus can depart from eclipse
;; semantics/Application Model), more fancy coercitions, etc.
;; , easy
(def cmd-id "hello-6")
(def app (context-key @e :application))
;; DEMONSTRATION of plumbing/kernel functions (as opposed to soon to come porcelain/user functions)
(-> app
; add the command to the Application model
(e4/add-command! ; create a Command model object
{:element-id cmd-id
:command-name "Run Generic Leiningen task"
:category "org.eclipse.ui.category.window"}))
; add the handler to the Application model
(e4/add-handler! ; create a Handler model object
; e4/make-handler takes care of resolving cmd-id into the application command
; object (the command must have been added to the application model first)
; contribution-URI protocol has been extended to clojure via the org.eclipse.languages extension point
{:command cmd-id
:contribution-URI "bundleclass://ccw.core/clojure/ccw.leiningen.generic-launcher/prompt"}))
(e4/execute-command cmd-id))
;; DEMONSTRATION of porcelain/user functions
editor ;; Anything that has been extented to protocol HasContext can do
{:commands [{:cmd-id cmd-id ; :cmd-id still important for idempotence (or we recreate / delete old everytime ?)
:name "Run Generic Leiningen task"
:category "org.eclipse.ui.category.window"}
{:cmd-id cmd-id2 ; :cmd-id still important for idempotence (or we recreate / delete old everytime ?)
:name "Kill started Leiningen tasks"
:category "org.eclipse.ui.category.window"
:var "ccw.leiningen.generic-launcher/kill-all"}
:handlers [{:cmd-id cmd-id
:var 'ccw.leiningen.generic-launcher/prompt ; we accept directly a var symbol, a var, a string denoting a var or a bundleclass://
;; the merge! function is variadic, we can pass additional model elements
;; the order should not be important, we will apply model modifications in the right order (commands first, then handlers, etc.)
;; thus the application model parts to merge can be passed piece by piece with references to the parent (TBD), we will first re-normalize
;; the model, then pass it to the (TBD) plumbing merge! function
{:cmd-id cmd-id ; :cmd-id allows to identify a command. Thus we may have :part-id, :menu-id.
; Or a separate :type :cmd => maybe :cmd-id / :menu-id is better for cross-referencing mnemotechnics
:name "Run Generic Leiningen task"
:category "org.eclipse.ui.category.window"}
{:cmd-id cmd-id
:var #'ccw.leiningen.generic-launcher/prompt})
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