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Last active May 23, 2022 20:15
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data fetching example - Remix
// import loader hook
import { useLoaderData, Link } from "@remix-run/react";
export let loader = async () => {
const result = await fetch("");
const posts = await result.json();
return posts;
export default function PostsIndex() {
let data = useLoaderData(); // access the data here
return (
<div className="relative items-center w-full px-5 py-12 mx-auto md:px-12 lg:px-24 max-w-7xl">
<div className="grid w-full grid-cols-1 gap-12 mx-auto lg:grid-cols-3">
{ (item, index) {
return (
<div key={index} className="p-6 bg-indigo-500">
<div className=" mb-5 text-white ">
<h3 className="text-xl mb-3 font-bold">
<Link to={item.slug}>{item.title.rendered}</Link>
__html: data[0].excerpt.rendered,
<br />
className="bg-gray-900 text-white p-4 my-5"
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