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@layus layus/
Created Nov 19, 2018

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# Split the logs in separate files
echo Splitting...
csplit r-ryantm '/2018-..-..T..:..:.. .* [^ ]* -> [^ ]*/' '{*}' 1>/dev/null
# rename xx* to xx*-package-name
echo Renaming...
parallel -j30 "mv {} {}-\$(head -n1 {} | cut -d' ' -f2)" ::: xx*
echo Separating...
separate () {
local dir=$1 pattern=$2
mkdir -p "$dir"
grep "$pattern" xx* -l | xargs --no-run-if-empty mv -t $dir
separate gnome "Packages from gnome are currently blacklisted"
separate fetchers "More than one fetcher in"
separate versionCompare "according to Nix; versionComparison"
separate prefetch "Could not prefetch new version URL"
separate tooLate "Update branch already on origin"
separate goPackages "Derivation contains buildGoPackage"
separate oldMissing "Old version not present in master derivation file"
separate buildFailed "nix build failed"
separate evalUrlFailed "nix eval failed for.*url"
separate evalFailed "nix eval failed for"
separate oldPackageMissing "failed to find package name with old version"
separate sameSource "Source url did not change"
separate perl "currently don't know how to update perl"
separate weirdAttrpath "we don't know how to find the attrpath for these"
separate existingPR ""
separate tooManyPython "buildPythonPackage and too many package rebuilds"
separate oldStagingMissing "Old version not present in staging derivation file"
separate fetchLogsFailed "nix log failed trying to get build logs"
separate success "SUCCESS"
separate fixedAttrCompat "Version in attr path .* not compatible with"
separate outpaths "error running: nix-env -f ./outpaths.nix -qaP --no-name --out-path --arg checkMeta true"
separate xfce "@volth asked to not update xfce"
separate rubyGem "Derivation contains buildRubyGem"
separate complex "complicated package"
separate gstreamer "gstreamer plugins are kept in lockstep"
separate sameHash "Hashes equal; no update necessary"
separate userBlaclisted " @[a-zA-Z0-9]* "
separate misc "."
0 evalFailed
4 complex
5 userBlaclisted
6 rubyGem
8 sameHash
14 existingPR
15 gstreamer
16 misc
30 fetchLogsFailed
30 xfce
39 outpaths
59 tooLate
66 fixedAttrCompat
97 versionCompare
100 oldPackageMissing
109 sameSource
113 goPackages
121 perl
121 tooManyPython
178 gnome
181 oldStagingMissing
184 fetchers
217 success
250 evalUrlFailed
346 weirdAttrpath
362 buildFailed
517 oldMissing
761 prefetch
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