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INFO: Creating template[/etc/sv/stompserver/log/run] at /etc/sv/stompserver/log/run
INFO: Setting mode to 755 for template[/etc/sv/stompserver/log/run]
DEBUG: Processing link[/etc/init.d/stompserver]
DEBUG: link[/etc/init.d/stompserver] using Chef::Provider::Link
DEBUG: Processing link[/etc/service/stompserver]
DEBUG: link[/etc/service/stompserver] using Chef::Provider::Link
INFO: Creating a symbolic link from /etc/sv/stompserver -> /etc/service/stompserver for link[/etc/service/stompserver]
DEBUG: Executing ln -nfs /etc/sv/stompserver /etc/service/stompserver
DEBUG: ---- Begin output of ln -nfs /etc/sv/stompserver /etc/service/stompserver ----
DEBUG: ---- End output of ln -nfs /etc/sv/stompserver /etc/service/stompserver ----
DEBUG: Ran ln -nfs /etc/sv/stompserver /etc/service/stompserver returned 0
DEBUG: Processing service[stompserver]
DEBUG: service[stompserver] using Chef::Provider::Service::Debian
DEBUG: service[stompserver] supports status, running
DEBUG: Executing /etc/init.d/stompserver status
ERROR: service[stompserver] (/tmp/chef-solo/cookbooks/runit/definitions/runit_service.rb line 60) had an error:
No such file or directory - /etc/init.d/stompserver status
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