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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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dark souls ladle only build
Pick Sorcerer, for magic weapon to cast on ladle, as it gets broken really easy with a durability of 10. Take human effigy as gift. Use the dagger or sorcery at first beacuse the ladle has a base strength of 6 and the class starts with 3. Kill hippos because we need souls to get resins to buff the ladle because it does damage even when it is broken. Get bonfire ascetic and burn it at the first bonefire in Heide castle so you can cheese Dragon Rider twice for moar souls to level up. Reinforce ladle to +3. First Heide knight can fall off, near the bonefire for souls, second can fall for Sublime Bone Dust.
Go to no man's wharf and but magic weapon from the sorcerer dude. Get a fragrant branch of yore, unpetrify the pyro lady so you can buy charcoal resin. Go to second bonefire in forest of giants and talk to undead merchant, but the blacksmith key, talk to her so she goes back to maluja and sells gold pine resin.
You will need a lot of repair powder and the repair spell.
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lazzarello commented Apr 1, 2014

Poise notes

Poise: If you are in the middle of the swing, your poise needs to be 1 point higher than the weapon hitting you's poise for the attack to continue. If you are standing still your poise needs to be : 3 * (Poise of Weapon Hitting you) +1 to not be staggered

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