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@lbozhilova /MCpi
Last active Feb 2, 2016

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R code for simple Monte Carlo estimation of pi.
require (plotrix)
require (grid)
plot(c(-1, 1), c(-1,1), xlab = "x", ylab="y", type = "n", asp=1)
rect( -1, -1, 1, 1) 0, 0, 1 )
N <- 150
x <- runif(N, min=-1, max=1)
y <- runif(N, min=-1, max=1)
points (x, y, col="red", pch=19)
PiEst = 0
for (i in 1:N){
if ((x[i]^2+y[i]^2)<1)
PiEst = PiEst+1
PiEst = 4*PiEst/N
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