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Senior Developer - GDPR Team (Internal Products)
Senior Developer - FT Tech GDPR Team - Internal Products)
Rolling 6mo Contract (perm roles available too)
We're looking for a software developer to join our team who shares our love for the web, our passion for performance
and our commitment to accessibility.
Internal Products FT is a team comprised of 50+ developers working in small cross-functional teams of 4-6 people,
with opportunities to rotate internally and learn new technologies. The systems we build range from internal tools,
client-facing applications, APIs, and more.
Our ideal candidate will bring a unique point of view to the work that we do. We don't hire for team fit, we hire
for team betterment. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives help us build a great product, and an even better team.
There are three types of work involved in this role:
* Developing greenfield applications using core web technologies such as JS and Node (no frameworks required),
and any other tech you find right for the task at hand
* Being part of the solution: Developers and Product Owners work together to come up with solutions to the problems
we’re trying to solve or goals we’re trying to achieve. There’s no “throwing over the fence” around here.
* Maintaining our standard for web performance, security and accessibility
When you're not doing all those things, you'll be:
* Mentoring and coaching more junior members of the team
* Coming up with improvements to the way we work and the tools we use
* Receiving (and giving) internal workshops on tech that particularly interest you
Other things we use:
We don’t expect you to be familiar with any of these, but if anything in this list piques your interest you are
likely to have a chance to work with it: Heroku, Serverless, Google Cloud, AWS, Neo4j and Continuous Integration.
The hiring process:
We understand that tech interviews are often stressful for no good reason, so we designed our interview process
to be rigorous but friendly (we don’t do whiteboard coding or peer over your shoulder when you’re writing code).
We’re committed to furthering equality and diversity in the tech industry, so we’ll be especially happy to see
applications from underrepresented backgrounds.
Contractor Benefits:
All of our employees, regardless of contract status, enjoy flexible working hours, including the possibility to
work from home when needed.
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lc512k commented Nov 23, 2017

Send me your cv at if you're interested. Direct applicants only, please.

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