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Lawrence Cherone lcherone

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lcherone / encryption.js
Last active Apr 22, 2019
AES CBC Encryption helper nodejs
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const crypto = require("crypto");
* AES CBC Encryption helper
* Usage:
* ``` javascript
const encryption = require('@lib/encryption');
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lcherone / dir.php
Created Sep 16, 2018
Directory Tree Menu
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function file_get_listing($path = '')
$return = [];
foreach (new IteratorIterator(new DirectoryIterator($path)) as $item) {
if ($item->isDot()) {
$info = [
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function isPrime($number) {
$n = abs($number);
$i = 2;
while ($i <= sqrt($n)) {
if ($n % $i === 0) {
return false;
lcherone / developers.json
Last active Jul 11, 2018
snap-ui-featured items
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"id": "RT9mcUhVsRYrDLG8qnvGiy26NKvv6Qkd",
"title": "VLC",
"summary": "The ultimate media player",
"icon": "",
"name": "vlc",
"screenshots": [{
"url": ""
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// This will open up a prompt for text to send to a console session on digital ocean
// Useful for long passwords
(function () {
var t = prompt("Enter text to be sent to console, (This wont send the enter keystroke)").split("");
function f() {
var character = t.shift();
var i=[];
var code = character.charCodeAt();
var needs_shift = "!@#$%^&*()_+{}:\"<>?~|".indexOf(character) !== -1
lcherone /
Created Apr 25, 2018 — forked from cobyism/
Deploy to `gh-pages` from a `dist` folder on the master branch. Useful for use with [yeoman](

Deploying a subfolder to GitHub Pages

Sometimes you want to have a subdirectory on the master branch be the root directory of a repository’s gh-pages branch. This is useful for things like sites developed with Yeoman, or if you have a Jekyll site contained in the master branch alongside the rest of your code.

For the sake of this example, let’s pretend the subfolder containing your site is named dist.

Step 1

Remove the dist directory from the project’s .gitignore file (it’s ignored by default by Yeoman).

lcherone /
Last active Apr 9, 2018 — forked from remarkablemark/
Classes - ES5 vs ES6

JavaScript Classes - ES5 vs ES6

An example that shows the difference between creating a JavaScript class and subclass in ES5 and ES6.

lcherone /
Last active Apr 6, 2018
Linux wait for network connection before continuing. Docker, LXC, containers, cloud-init
echo "Waiting for network connection."
while [ 1 ]; do
if ping -q -c 1 -W 1 > /dev/null 2>&1; then
sleep 1
lcherone / hash_file_multi.php
Created Mar 26, 2018
hash_file_multi() hash a single file with multiple algorithms PHP
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function hash_file_multi($algos = [], $filename) {
if (!is_array($algos)) {
throw new \InvalidArgumentException('First argument must be an array');
if (!is_string($filename)) {
throw new \InvalidArgumentException('Second argument must be a string');
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