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Generate missing test files in a rails app
namespace :missing_tests do
def progress(name, x, y)
print "\r #{name}: #{x}/#{y} %6.2f%%" % [x.to_f / y * 100]
def generate_files(name)
kind = name.to_s.singularize
collection = Dir.glob Rails.root.join('app', name.to_s, '**', '*').to_s
root = Rails.root.join('app', name.to_s).to_s << '/'
ext = case name
when :controllers then '_controller.rb'
when :models then '.rb'
when :jobs then '_job.rb'
when :mailers then '_mailer.rb'
count = collection.count
collection.each_with_index do |filename, index|
`rails g test_unit:#{kind} #{Regexp.last_match(1)} -s` if filename.match(/#{root}(.+)#{ext}/)
progress name, index, count
task generate_tests: :environment do
generate_files :controllers
generate_files :models
generate_files :jobs
generate_files :mailers

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@lcpriest lcpriest commented May 16, 2018

Usually I will create files in Rails using generators, but sometimes I forget. I use this script to add missing test files.

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