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Last active August 28, 2023 13:42
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Guidelines for action on the CRA
1. Contact your MEPs in the ITRE commission
The list of members is available at the link below. Click on the name of the
MEP to get the details. E-mail is possibly preferrable.
Contact the MEPs elected in your member state, use the local language. Don't
write too long, a couple of paragraphs should suffice. General items to refer:
- The RCA uses concepts alien to the software community, difficult to
- Bluntly assigning liability to open source contributors will freeze software
- 100 000 direct jobs at risk, possibly tens of thousands of SMEs.
- You are concerned with your job security and/or the survival of the
institution you work for.
- The Act has good premises and you support it, but it should not harm the
Europen open source ecossistem.
You can also point the collection of reactions gathered by OSI:
2. Raise awereness among other communities
Raise awereness and motivate others to react. Make the problem known among
associations or movements you may be part of:
- political parties
- trade unions
- professional associations
- NGOs that use open source
3. Get the problem to media
If you happen to be a blogger, vlogger or podcaster, bring the topic up, raise
awereness and inspire others to act.
Contact your favourite content creators: podcast, TV show, newspaper, etc. Let
them know the issue exists and deserves coverage. Besides the realm of IT, the
CRA is also relevant for content creators in the field of Economy/Business.
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