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Created Dec 29, 2021
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Quick script to count number of bookmarks recorded in pinboard
require 'dotenv/load'
require 'pinboard'
require 'csv'
pinboard = => ENV["PINBOARD_TOKEN"])"stats.csv", "w") do |csv|
csv << ["YEAR", "POSTS", "VIA_POCKET"]
#I started social bookmarking in 2004 using, then pinboard from May 2013
#started logging read articles in Pocket to pinboard via IFTTT in mid-2018
(2004..2021).each do |year|
posts_for_year = pinboard.posts(fromdt:,1,1), todt:,12,31))
posts_from_pocket = pinboard.posts(fromdt:,1,1), todt:,12,31), tag: 'Pocket')
csv << [year,posts_for_year.count, posts_from_pocket.count]
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