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crack recaptcha

#Crack reCAPTCHA


pip install pillow
brew install libpng
brew install libjpeg
pip install PIL --allow-external PIL --allow-unverified PIL

After that, let's try with an example

from PIL import Image
im ='image.jpeg') # jpeg or png
im = im.convert('L')
  1. Clean Noise.
def clean(im):
    im = im.convert('L')
    im = im.point(lambda x:255 if x>128 or x==0 else x)
    im = im.point(lambda x:0 if x<255 else 255)
    return im
  1. Splits into char images
#Divide by Columns
w, h = im.size
data = im.load()
jcolors = [sum(255-data[i,j] for j in range(h)) for i in range(w)]
print jcolors
  1. decode char images into chars
    def im2array(im):
        return [ int(x!='\xff') for x in im.tobytes() ]


Decoder JPEG not available error

Can't install PIL after Mac OS X 10.9

Python Image Library fails with message “decoder JPEG not available PIL”

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