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Created August 1, 2013 21:43
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How to use Laravel in Windows IIS

Laravel 4 in Windows Server IIS

###1. Put this web.config in laravel root diretory

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
				<clear />
				<add value="index.php" />
				<add value="default.aspx" />
				<add value="Default.htm" />
				<add value="Default.asp" />
				<add value="index.htm" />
				<add value="index.html" />
		<handlers accessPolicy="Read, Execute, Script" />
				<rule name="Imported Rule 3" stopProcessing="true">
					<match url="^(.*)$" ignoreCase="false" />
					<conditions logicalGrouping="MatchAll">
						<add input="{REQUEST_FILENAME}" matchType="IsFile" ignoreCase="false" negate="true" />
						<add input="{REQUEST_FILENAME}" matchType="IsDirectory" ignoreCase="false" negate="true" />						
					<action type="Rewrite" url="public/index.php/{R:1}" />

###2. Done. Don't move the public folder or any file :)

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d3n1c1d3 commented Apr 3, 2014

I got in IIS 8 an internal server error caused from the line

<handlers accessPolicy="Read, Execute, Script" />

after removing it laravel just showed up like expected.

I also moved the web.config file into my public directory. so the basic configuration for apache and IIS is stored in the same directory. and i dont have to look around somewhere else (and also for security reasons). for this i had to modify the followin line

<action type="Rewrite" url="public/index.php/{R:1}" />

into :

<action type="Rewrite" url="index.php/{R:1}" />

anyway, leandro thanks for providing the web.config file for IIS. you made my day.

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Thank you Leandro

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Thanks! Work fine in IIS Express for several frameworks like Laravel and Laravel5 :)

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